Friday, September 27, 2013


As you know, this blog is entitled Martha’s Opinions, so it’s going to express what I think is true at the moment I write the blog.  Opinions are like socks, they can be changed for even the smallest reason or fact presented.  I’ve had some small but eye-opening things happen, recently so, I’ve reviewed some of my blog posts and realized I can be biting and vicious.  I tried repairing any damage and to salvage the post, but there was no justification for my offensive words, so I deleted them.  I honestly don’t know what I was expecting of people, probably too much.  I can be a perfectionist, and that is not always good.

I know as human beings we say and do stupid things.  You would think that I would learn by now, after having many eggs on my face, not to do such things.  That’s why it’s important to have the facts or experiences before you write anything.  I did have the negative experiences but I guess I believed I was telling off all those people that hurt me by being so vicious to the people who didn’t hurt me or even know me.  Silly huh?  I don’t know why I do that, other than maybe trying to sabotage myself.  Of course, I could try to use the excuse of menopause, but even in that I have to own up to what I say and do.  So, I humbly apologize for offending those who are at least trying to do a good thing.  I hope you continue doing good things and helping everyone you can.

Thank you,

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


The controversy over genetically modified foods is growing more and more each day.  Companies like Monsanto and DuPont produce genetically modified seeds and foods which cause tumors in rats, cause their testicles to be smaller and alter their sperm cells.  There are reports of orange crops failing because of GMOs, people starting to become ill from consuming GMOs (I being one of them), and farmers reporting low yeilds when planting GMO seeds.  The GMOs were supposed to increase food production, not reduce it.  But worst of all, somehow the GMO infested plants are causing millions of needed bees to die (entire hives, even).  But there is also a reduction in the taste that even I have noticed (and was consequently belittled for by a so-called scientist, who called me childish names rather than explaining why I noticed a difference in the taste of genetically modified melons as opposed to organic melons).

There are between 30 and 55 countries that have banned GMOs; that should give America a clue.  Another good clue to GMOs being dangerous is that the farmers must wear masks when spraying the much stronger toxic pesticides on them. But like the greedy mizers they are (in my opinion) Monsanto is using the plight of the hungry in those countries to pressure these governments to spread their poisonous seeds.  Companies like Monsanto should be banned from using the desperation of others to spread their false propoganda.

But there are companies like Southern Exposure Seed Exchange (, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds (, as well as organizations like Weston A. Price (to Foundation and Institute for Responsible Technology (, which are sounding the alarm but being met with slanderous, libelous attacks on their credibility for exposing the evils of GMOs as well as the soy industry (For info on soy see my blog "Killer Foods" or go to or Southern Exposure is suing Monsanto I believe because Monsanto corn has spread it's GM pollen onto the properties of those who do grow organic crops and infected their crops with what the organic world calls franken-pollen. It's very difficult to find organic corn now because of Monsanto's GM pollen being spread through the air.  But it doesn't stop at just corn crops.  It can infect any plant because if there are any bees, they carry the franken-pollen to other non-GMO plants.

Unfortunately, some may only see the immediate picture.  They see the 1st generation of GMO seeds as unhealthy, and surely the goverment won't allow them to be labeled organic, since alterations of that kind are not natural or organic (NOT!! The government passed laws to PROTECT Monsanto).  But what about the next and the next and the next generations?  You see, because these genetically modified seeds are supposed to be disease and pest resistant (but are NOT), they may make the claim that the future generations (which are the seeds harvested that year for use the next year), are grown organically because they may have used less pesticides (but stronger ones).  Or cross-pollination may occur and infect truly organic plants and the farmer may be genuinely thinking he's raised an organic crop.  There is NOTHING organic about GMOs and any future generation must be labeled GMO in order for farmers to be properly informed of what they are planting and consumers be properly informed of what they are eating (i.e. the right to know).

The GMO project to feed the world has FAILED and companies like Monsanto need to back off and leave our food alone.  Their refusal to admit they are wrong is causing harm to others as well as to the organic industry (organic seeds grow better and faster, too), but if the GMO companies have their way there may be NO more truly organic food available to those who have the right to choose healthy over genetically modified foods, and especially those who cannot eat GMOs or soy due to allergies (which are rapidly increasing).  These "food fights" should not be happening.  If companies like Monsanto hadn't started it by greedily wanting a monopoly on food, and using bad science to do it (as well as bad scientists who lie, including the FDA), we would all live happily ever after.  There is no real science behind GMOs, it's just creepy science-fiction.

A Challenge to GMO companies:  If GMOs are so safe, why are you so against labeling it?  Are ya chicken?  If so, why?  Could it be that GMOs are NOT safe, like you pay your scientists not to say?

To the Reader:  But who are you going to believe, big businesses who have repeatedly shown that they are out for a buck and not looking out for the people, and even try to operate above the law, or the law abiding people who stand up and look out for the people?  Notify your state and federal representatives to let them know you don't want genetically modified organisms in your food.  And tell them you want any GMO food that exists now, clearly labeled.

THE EFFECTS OF GMOs PROVE THAT GREED (AND PRIDE) MAKES PEOPLE STUPID AND IS A HATE CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY AND NATURE!  Monsanto and companies like them need to be charge with a hate crime, in my opinion.

DISCLAIMER:  Any comments in this post are the OPINIONS and beliefs of the author backed by research from websites listed in this post as well as other numerous websites sounding the alarm against GMOs and Soybeans.  Blogspot or it's advertisers cannot be held libel for statements on this blog.