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Positive effects of taking herbal supplements, eating organic, non-GMO, non-soy, and no foods containing "natural flavors" or general "spices" and definitely no restaurant foods or processed foods:
First of all I can breathe easier.  Secondly my moods have improved other than the usual female mood swings.  Thirdly, I can think and speak more clearly.  (Soy affects your cognitive abilities including speech.) But for those who are number freaks, here's my numbers:
Blood Sugar (A1C1) from 12.6% to 10.2%
Triglycerides from 799 to 391
Cholesterol from 256 to 219
HDL from 27 to 35
Vitamin D from 21.3 to 40.5
TSH from 1.730 to 1.950
LDL Direct 53 to (calculated) 106 (should be under 100, but I mostly fry my ground beef and sausages, so I may have to start baking the beef again.)

Adverse effects of soy, GMOs, and MSG on my body

These are personal journal entries I wrote once I began changing my diet from inorganic to organic.  I primarily focus on unfermented soy, because I had not completely learned the adverse effects of GMOs until recently.  It is my absolute belief that unfermented soy and GMOs as well as products labeled “natural flavors” have caused many if not all of my medical problems.

Disclaimer:  These are personal observations and my own personal food intolerances, which may or may not be established as fact according to some circles.  I encourage you to do the research yourself.  Get both sides of the story.

November 2012

            Finally after years of preaching from my oldest sister and after experiencing shortness of breath and light-headedness, as well as a disturbing report on my A1C1 and vitamin D levels, I decided to eliminate soy from my diet.  I made the connection to my adversity to soy by drinking two things in one day that contained soy lecithin.  The first drink was one of those “healthy” green foods but shortly afterwards I experienced shortness of breath, bloating, & light-headedness.  I laid down and the symptoms subsided.  Later on I fixed a cup of coffee and used non-dairy creamer that had soy lecithin in it, the only common ingredient.  I experienced the same symptoms as with the green food drink.  So, I had to make a decision, either I live uncomfortably but have fun eating all those tasty over processed, ready-made foods, or I find equivalents without soy or make my own tasty treats.

            I embarked on my own quest for knowledge about soy, and to my horror the very things this research said soy caused, I was experiencing.  A major problem I was having was a Vitamin D deficiency.  Now, granted, I don’t go outside a lot, but I was drinking approximately a gallon of whole milk a day (1% and 2% caused me to have shortness of breath).  There should have not been such a deficiency (21.3%).  According to medical standards I should have had at least a 30% level or higher.  However, further independent research ( says that we should be at 60% or higher.

            The research at states that soy causes our bodies to need more Vitamin D, because it blocks the absorption of necessary vitamins and minerals, thus causing a deficiency in not only Vitamin D but also the needed minerals of calcium, iron, & zinc among other necessary vitamins.  A lack of those two nutrients can cause rickets and osteoporoses.  Although my doctor prescribed Vitamin D2, research shows that is not as effective, because it’s synthetic, and causes side effects that D3 doesn’t.  Vitamin D3 is the natural and better antidote to that deficiency.  I’ve noticed that I’m no longer craving as much milk since I’ve taken Vitamin D3 and cut out soy.  That change was noticed in less than a month after I began this new life habit.

            Another thing I noticed after a few weeks, was I wasn’t getting as bloated.  So, I tried an experiment.  I ate a can of soup with soy and almost immediately I was bloated and kept belching then had the other symptoms shortly thereafter.  There was a case against the soy industry by prisoners who were given soy in place of meat and they complained of a variety of gastrointestinal disorders, so they filed a suit against the soy industry.  If I was allowed to join that lawsuit, I would because by the evidence of my own experience and research of others, soy has ruined my health and prevented me from having a family.

            My oldest sister stated that I was given infant formula that contained soy (I obviously can’t remember that).  According to the research on Dr. Weston A Price’s website, soy effects the sexual development of children.  Often times the girls develop prematurely and boys’ development is delayed.  However, it’s not always that way.  Soy estrogen (isoflavones) can prevent ovulation, which is what happens to women suffering from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), which I suffer with.  PCOS can lead to diabetes, liver disease, and heart disease.  Because soy foods have Trypsin inhibitors it also affects pancreatic function, which most everyone knows is where insulin is produced.  Poor pancreatic function can lead to diabetes, which I also have.

            In my systems biology class, I learned how each one of our systems are interconnected an interdependent upon one another.  I never dreamed that problems with my reproductive system would affect my digestive and circulatory systems, but my PCOS caused my cells to not absorb insulin, thus throwing my digestive system off and it snowballed.  But it is my personal belief that had I not been fed soy as a child, I would not have been made infertile or suffered from diabetes and its complications.  My brother is the only other one affected by diabetes; but if it’s hereditary why wouldn’t our other four siblings have it because both our parents have suffered with it? 

December 2, 2012

            I am almost completely off soy other than my “experiments.”  I had to stop eating Kellogg's Corn Flakes because not only GMO corn is in it, but also it has traces of soy as it says it may contain on the label.

            On Friday, I went to Wal-Mart and purchased some cream filled donuts that had soy.  After I ate them I experienced bloating and painful gas.  I finished them yesterday and also ate some bread that has soy in it and I am becoming depressed, irritable, and easily aggravated by the smallest things.  I hadn’t been that way in a while.  Soy is linked to causing behavioral problems such as those.  I am 100% convinced that soy is killing people and starving my body of necessary nutrients.

December 7, 2012

            I have been snacking on Kraft Caramels and guess what I found out?  They have soy in them.  I couldn’t figure out why I had trouble breathing and had bloating and gas.  I didn’t know they put soy in candy.

December 26, 2012

            Something strange occurred tonight (it’s 3:00 am after Christmas Day).  I was awakened by sharp chest and back pains, trouble breathing, bloating and gas with acid reflux.  I had my Christmas dinner late.  It consisted of Turkey breast, cornbread dressing, and heavenly hash (ambrosia salad).  None of which contained soy, but they may have contained GMO ingredients.  Of course, when they list “natural flavor” it usually means MSG, which I think can come from soy, but I have to research that further.  The turkey had that listed as an ingredient, and MSG is known to cause those symptoms.

December 28, 2012

            I’ve discovered that I am becoming sensitive to MSG (i.e. natural flavor), as well as soy.  The MSG causes chest pains, labored breathing, and dizziness.  I had a turkey breast from Aldi that had natural flavors in it.  I also had mixed fruit with natural flavor in it and it’s a product of China, so I think everyone is out to kill us.  But I cannot afford to waste food, so I have to risk my health and finish the food.  I had the same symptoms at Thanksgiving because I bought the same turkey breast and fruit then.

December 30, 2012

            My diet is becoming more and more limited.  All the inexpensive foods have either soy or natural flavors, or they have been genetically altered to withstand more pesticides, which is unhealthy for us.  Sandy said the hybrids and dwarfs are not dangerous like GMOs.  So, now all I need is a house with a fertile yard to grow my garden.  I’ll also need a greenhouse for the “tropical plants” I want and my coffee, orange, and blueberry I already have.

January 1, 2013

I’m now experiencing shortness of breath after drinking Wal-Mart’s brand of whole milk.  They say it’s hormone free but they don’t say what the cows are fed.  Sandy said they are fed grains, which could include soy (almost all soy is GMO).  I guess I’m going to have to shop at Healthy Alternative permanently.

Update:  Walmart's Great Value elbow macaroni has caused me to suffer with breathing problems and fluid on my lungs.  More than likely it's made with GMO grain.

January 2, 2013

            I’ve had some lemonade made with Wal-Mart’s Great Value 100% Real Lemon Juice and now I’m experiencing breathing problems.  I don’t believe it’s the lemons, per se, but the GMOs & pesticides I am allergic to.

            Sandy looked up the ALCAT test at that is a test for food allergies and sensitivities, but it is expensive.  I am going to call to find a doctor here who will do it.

January 6, 2013

            I ate some Chobani Mango Yogurt and guess what?  It has natural flavor in it and I’m having trouble breathing.  Why can’t companies leave things alone?  Why do they have to add “natural flavor” when organic fruit, organic yogurt and organic sugar is all it needs?  Of course the fruit may have been GMO, but I’m not sure of that. Update: Chobani has been found to feed their milk cows GMO grains.

January 10, 2013

            I drank 2 cups of Meijer Brand French Roast coffee and I’m having major trouble breathing.  I used evaporated milk as cream, but that never bothers me.  This “suffocation” started about 10:30 or 11 am and has continued until now, 2:30 pm.  It has to be the pesticides or the coffee is processed near a soy plant or is GMO.  I had trouble with Newman’s Own Vanilla Organic Coffee, too.  They use natural flavor in their coffee, but who’s to say that the vanilla beans were not gotten from a GMO farm?  I may have to give coffee up altogether.

January 12, 2013

Genevieve and I had Broccoli cuts from Season’s Choice (Aldi sells it) but organic meat and cauliflower.  Then we ate watermelon that was pre-cut from Meijer.  It wasn’t organic but I am having difficulty breathing and it feels like fluid is filling my lungs.  Phlegm does come up when I clear my throat.  It has to be the pesticides. 

In order to save my life I can eat nothing that is not organic and what I can grow myself.  Lord, let me just die; I can’t eat anything anymore.  What am I going to do at the end of the month?  I have maybe $13.00 available to me for the rest of the month.

     I have been able to wean myself off of nearly everything GMO except milk and evaporated milk, which is why raw milk should be allowed to be purchased.  I recently had some Reiters 2% milk and had trouble breathing and was bloated.  But I am not consuming soy and am very careful with anything simply marked “natural flavor” or “spices.”  I purchase everything organic that I possibly can and support local farmers with my business.  But since changing my diet I have lost some weight and inches around my waist.  I have to portion out my food and it’s working.  I’m not regularly exercising, per se, I’m just no longer eating soy, GMOs and natural flavors.  So, eat organic, and stop eating soy and GMOs; you’ll lose weight

Resources: Weston A. Price Foundation (exposing Soy) Dr. Joseph Mercola (exposes Soy and GMOs) Institute for Responsible Technology (exposing GMO foods)

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